marine claims

Marine accidents

Marine accidents The main objective is to establish the nature, causes and extent of damage following an accident, loss, damage, or other circumstances affecting the crew, cargo, the ship itself or others ship companies related to the ship’s operation. The investigations include: Ship groundings. Collisions between ships. Collisions with fixed [...]

Cargo damage and loss

Cargo damage and loss The cargo is always exposed to risks from loss or damage when it is transported by ship. Our marine surveyors and maritime experts verify the safety measures taken by carriers that do not eliminate the fact that cargo during transit is exposed to various risks. Damage [...]

Hull & Machinery claims

Hull & Machinery claims When problems of hull and machinery on board ships are present, our captains and chief engineers can identify the causes and consequences, partial and total losses, which arise in the machinery, equipment or on the hull of ships, boats, yachts and generally in any embarkation of [...]

Marine and river pollution investigation

Marine and river pollution investigation Ships can pollute the marine environment by oil spill. In the port terminals spills also occur when the controls and necessary measures are not taken to prevent spills. Our experts have been trained to fight oil spills. Marine pollution occurs when harmful, or potentially harmful, effects [...]

Loss adjuster

Loss adjuster Loss adjusters are independent claims specialists who assist in the fair and just settlement of claims, including complex or contentious claims, on behalf of insurance companies. They help policyholders restore their property to full working order. Loss adjusters investigate at the scene of an incident to establish the [...]