Project Description

Cargo damage and loss

The cargo is always exposed to risks from loss or damage when it is transported by ship. Our marine surveyors and maritime experts verify the safety measures taken by carriers that do not eliminate the fact that cargo during transit is exposed to various risks. Damage or loss may occur during handling, storage or transport operations. These losses can have a serious impact on your business if your cargo is not insured.

Each cargo has its own properties and reacts differently to contact with water, moisture, exposure to temperature, sunlight or gases emitted by other cargoes on board the vessel. For some other cargoes such as containers and project cargo, the effect of the ship motions on the cargo is relevant. Some cargoes require ventilation; other cargoes should not be ventilated. This kind of information, which is required to make the proper assessments, is not taught at school or university, but can only be obtained from experience gained during the daily practice.