Dimar socializes standards for recreational diving in Cartagena

These norms are compiled in the Colombian Maritime Regulation


In order to strengthen with the maritime union the various nautical and recreational activities carried out in Cartagena and the insular zone, the General Maritime Directorate (Dimar) socialized the rules for recreational diving with those of this sector present in the city.

Those attending the meeting were able to hear from the Captain of the Port of Cartagena in charge, Corvette Captain Alberto Luis Buelvas Susa, the rules focused on the practice of water sports, the responsibility of the companies providing the service and the requirements demanded by Dimar the companies, according to their cataloging and activity to develop.

Among the technical standards socialized by Dimar are Resolution No. 0408 of 2015, «through which security provisions are established for the exercise of maritime activities of recreation and water sports in Colombia»; Resolution No. 0361 of 2015, «through which the cataloging of maritime services companies is established»; and Resolution No. 2014, «by means of which the amount of the guarantees that maritime service companies must constitute» is established.

These regulations are compiled in the Colombian Maritime Regulation, issued by Resolution No. 135 of February 27, 2018, and are currently required by the General Maritime Directorate in order to effectively control the recreational diving activity.

During the meeting, the Captain of the Port of Cartagena agreed to hold periodic work tables to deal with the people and companies that make this practice advances in the technical regulations focused on nautical and recreational activities in Cartagena, one of the main tourist destinations in the country. to contribute to maritime integral security.