Ship Surveys

Condition Survey

Condition Survey The objective is to determine the condition of the vessel at the time the inspection is performed. It is the best way to determine the condition of the vessel before insuring, know the management information, safety, navigation, pollution prevention and aspects related to cargo suitability.

Draft Survey

Draft Survey A draft survey is a calculation of the weight of cargo loaded or unloaded to or from a ship from measurents of changes in its displacement. The draft survey is performed by reading the ship's draft on the draft markings at six standard points on the hull: forward, [...]

Bunker survey

Bunker survey The surveyor will assess the actual quantity of bunkers on board at the time of delivery to the Charterer or Ship’s Owner. He will take the necessary tank soundings and gauge readings and compare same with the calibration tables, taking the density and actual temperatures into account. [...]

H&M / P&I clubs survey

H&M / P&I clubs survey The main objective is to determine the nature, cause and extent of the damage, both hull and machinery as a result of an unforeseen and unexpected event, such as collisions, groundings, sinking, pollution, accidents during cargo loading and unloading in the port.


Appraisals The objective is to obtain the price that a vessel can have on a date or given period. It has to take into account both the state and condition of the vessel as market conditions at that time.

On / Off Hire condition survey

On / Off Hire condition survey On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys is very important for a client when hiring a vessel to limit their liability, by ensuring they have the correct information on the condition of the vessel and work required in respect of the Charter Party. Hence it is in [...]

Assistance and supervision of ships repair works

Assistance and supervision of ships repair works Technical assistance of a specialized surveyor for repair and maintenance works supervision of ships in shipyard is very important for the tranquillity of the client. Once the shipyard is selected, it proceeds to the presentation and analysis of a specific ship repair project starting [...]