Project Description

Marine warranty survey

Marine warranty surveys play an essential role in reducing the risk of loss or damage in high value marine construction and transportation projects along with offshore energy installation and operations activities.

The MWS is appointed on behalf of the cargo insurance underwriters who insure the shipment of the cargo. The MWS ensures that the terms of the warranty clause in the insurance policy are complied with and that the operations are carried out in accordance with the approved procedures as defined in the transport manual or method statement. Involvement of an MWS is typically where shipment of the cargo forms a component of a larger project for new infrastructure projects.

Subject to the approval of procedures and calculations it is then normal for the warranty surveyor to attend and observe loading, securing and possibly discharging operations to ensure that approved procedures are adhered to and to be on hand to evaluate and approve any changes to procedures necessitated by on-site conditions. In cases where a warranty surveyor attends to approve loading and securing of cargo it will be usual for a certificate of approval (COA) to be issued, on completion of operations, to confirm that the previously approved procedures have been adhered to or that he is satisfied with on-board securing arrangements agreed with the vessel’s staff or supercargo.