Shipyard risk assessment survey – COTECMAR

 April 29, 2016

Britannia AS has been performed a risk management to the COTECMAR shipyard at its Mamonal and Bocagrande plants in Cartagena, Colombia.

The main objective of the risk assessment survey was to evaluate and identify the main risks that can be presented during the process of repair and construction of ships at COTECMAR on its Mamonal and Bocagrande plants.

The risk assessment at Mamonal plant facilities included the main areas such as the syncrolift, the north and south docks, maintenance workshops, dry-dock positions, and the Construction Hangar. The risk assessment at Bocagrande plant facilities included the main areas such as the slipway, welding workshop, electric motors workshop, diesel engine workshop, and mechanic workshop.

Taking into account that the repair and construction operations carried out by the shipyards is high risk, it is very important to evaluate and manage the risk. During the initial risk assessment visits to the two plants, several findings were identified and a plan of recommendations to mitigate and control the risk was proposed.

The risk prevention plan that is being developed at COTECMAR includes the following factors:

  • Geographical and Environmental Risks
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control of the production process
  • General Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Management of contractors
  • Permit to work systems
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Fire-Fighting Capability
  • Shipyard Equipment
  • Atmospheric Monitoring & Control of Industrial Gases
  • Launching & Sea Trials
  • Site Safety
  • Casualty History

Additionally, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Facilities, neighborhood, third-party exposure, external factors
  • Condition and Maintenance of Lifting Equipment
  • Own boats, launches and tugs
  • Safety Procedures for Elevated, Hot, and Confined Space Work
  • Safety culture
  • Risk management