Marine Warranty Survey of the loading and towage of six (6) Dump Trucks- 250 M.T (Liebherr T-284) on board the barge at MIT, Colon, Panama

Date:  3 March 2018

WWL ALS (WALLENIUS WILHELMSEN LOGISTICS ABNORMAL LOAD SERVICES) UK INTERNATIONAL LTD, an international logistics company, carried out the transport of 6 Dump Trucks – 250 MT (Liebherr T-284) that was embarked on a barge and were towed by tug from the Manzanillo terminal in Colon, Panama to Puerto Rincón in Panama.

Belgibo Insurance Co. International Maritime Broker of Belgium, asked Britannia AS, to carry out the maritime warranty survey of the entire project cargo and to carry out the following inspections:

  1. Condition survey of the tugboats “SKIPPER” and “PELICANO”
  2. Condition survey of the Barge “IMI 105”
  3. Condition survey of loading, stowage and lashing of the 6 dump trucks on a barge in the Manzanillo terminal.
  4. Towage survey and navigation plan.

The purpose of our attendance was to carry out a Marine Warranty Survey during the loading of one 6 Dump Trucks – 250 M.T, ensuring that approved procedures as documented in the Barge IMI 105 Transport Design Documents, Loading Plan, Stowage Plan and Sea fastening Plan was adhered to and to issue a report for insurance purposes.

Britannia AS, also carried out the condition survey to the towage that transported the 6 trucks from the Manzanillo terminal in Colon, Panama to Puerto Rincón in Panama. The towing inspection consisted of verifying the condition of the general equipment of the tugboat, its condition of navigability, the condition of the bollard traction, towage winch, and the composition of the towage including the cables, retainers and catenary.

The loading of the dump trucks was carried out on the following dates:

  1. Dump Truck 001, 8 October 2017 at MIT,Colon, Panama
  2. Dump Truck 002, 29 October 2017 at MIT,Colon, Panama
  3. Dump Truck 003, 12 November 2017 at MIT,Colon, Panama
  4. Dump Truck 004, 25 February 2018 at MIT,Colon, Panama
  5. Dump Truck 005, 25 February 2018 at MIT,Colon, Panama
  6. Dump Truck 006, 3 March 2018  at MIT,Colon, Panama

The surveyors’ report included the following operational activities:1. Introduction2 – Pre-operational meeting3 – Details of barges, tugboats and cargo4 – Inspection of condition of the barge and tugboat5 – Condition of the cargo before loading6 – Loading, storage and lashing survey of the 6 trucks7 – Towage survey 8 – Support documents9 – Surveyor’s comments