Marine Warranty Survey of 13 tank steel barges and 2 pusher tugs on semi-submersible vessel

22 Jun 2016

The purpose of our attendance was to carry out a marine warranty survey during the loading of the 13 Tank Barges and 2 Pusher tugs, ensuring that approved procedures as documented in the OHT Transport Design Manual, Loading Plan, Stowage Plan and Sea fastening Plan was adhered to and to issue a Certificate of Approval for insurance purposes.

Britannia AS have performed an insurance survey on the above mentioned vessel, the cargo, lashing, securing and stowage arrangements. The marine warranty surveyor of Britannia AS has supervised the transport of total 13 tank barges and 2 pusher tugs from Colombia to Argentina. Each of the tank barges units measures 65 x 16 meters and reported weight 545 tons. Each of the pusher tugs weights 250 tons. The cargo was loaded on a semi-submersible vessel at Cartagena, and discharged at Zarate, Argentina.

Britannia AS supervised the cleaning of the tank barges, bundling of barges, loading, and sea fastening on board the semi-submersible vessel, as well as the monitoring to the vessel navigation to Argentina. We made the respective coordination’s with the Ship Master, Port captain, Supercargo and maritime agency in order to have successful operations.


The MWS issued a Certificate of approval (COA) to comply the warranties imposed by underwriters.

The Marine Warranty Survey included the following operational activities:

  • -Pre-operational meeting
  • -External inspection to the barges
  • -Supervision of Gas free test on barges’ cargo tanks (cargo and side tanks)
  • -External and internal inspection to the pusher tugs
  • -Inspection to the barges bundle at anchoring area
  • -Inspection of the Semi-submersible heavy transport vessel included:
    • -Certificates
    • -OHT Transport Design Manual
    • -Loading Plan
    • -Stowage Plan
    • -Sea fastening Plan
    • -Verification of cribbing layout on deck
  • -Verification of cargo loading operations
  • -Inspection of sea fastening procedures onboard the vessel including hot works (welding of bendplates, A-Choks, and stoppers)
  • -Supervision of MPI test
  • -Issuance of certificate of approval (COA)